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    Latest McAfee prevents NTD software from working on Vista

      A new version of the McAfee suite released in the last week or two is preventing software delivered using "No Touch Deployment" from working on Windows Vista SP1.

      No Touch Deployment is also known as "IE Hosted .NET Controls" and is referred to as ".NET Framework-reliant components" in the Security Settings of Internet Explorer.

      This problem does not affect Windows XP. We tested on Vista SP1 but it is likely that the problem affects McAfee on all releases of Vista.

      Examples of web pages that will not run under Vista SP1 with McAfee installed are:


      In both cases, a small picture icon will appear in place of the .NET control that is supposed to appear. To resolve the problem, it's necessary to completely uninstall McAfee. Disabling all of its functions does not resolve the problem.

      The versions of McAfee software that are causing this problem are the ones currently available for download on the McAfee site:
      SecurityCenter 9.0.286
      VirusScan 13.0.218 with DAT 5382
      Personal Firewall 10.0.209
      SiteAdvisor 2.8.255
      Anti-Spam 10.0.185
      Parental Controls 11.0.378

      I would appreciate some advice on how to report this fault to McAfee for resolution in a future update. We're happy to pay for support if that can speed things up.

      Technical information about No Touch Deployment software:

      Many thanks for any help with this,

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