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      I'm confused.

      If I understand this correctly: McAfee 2009 is out as a final release for the Asia-Pacific region, but there also is a beta 2009 continuing till the end of this year :confused:

      That's what I read in the section for SecurityCenter 9. It seems weird.
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          Vinod R
          Yes you are correct..

          if its a product you got via the Asia-Pacific region its not supported here till the beta is lifted you will have to contact the technical support chat for that...:)
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            Vinod R
            Everything is set and done on the final product and based on the reports from the not so dense Asia pacific market 's the 2009 will be pushed gradually.. atleast that is what it seems...

            sounds logical to me.. doesn't it?:confused:

            I guess they want to make sure that there is isn't much unseen issues and difficulties and if encountered a domain in Asia-pacific would be easier to handle due to the less number (apparently)
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              If I recall correctly, last time, when they were rolling out the 2008 series, the US market got it first, and I had to wait quite a while. (I'm in Europe).

              If this means that the 2009 version will not be available till 2009, I'd consider that late.

              Extensive testing is good, but I was hoping to get the 2009 version well before the end of the year.
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                Vinod R
                Don't worry...
                Its being send and recived in US server as we type and discuss now..

                some if not all ...are already getting it!