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    Unable to install, installer hanging

      Hi there,

      I recently changed my 1-user subscription to a 3-user subscription to cover my laptop as well as my PC. It installed flawlessly on the laptop but when I try to install on my PC I cannot get anywhere...here's what has happened so far:

      - I uninstalled the old copy of McAfee using add/remove programs and the MCPR tool, restarting when it said to
      - I downloaded and ran the installer from my account page. When the window comes up it says 'Gathering information' for a second or two, then at the point where it should ask for my account username and password the window goes blank and nothing further happens... I noticed that my mouse pointer is flickering from the normal to 'loading' graphic several times a second.
      - I tried full system scans for malware using Windows Defender and Adaware, nothing found (they were both up-to-date)
      - I uninstalled Adaware as some say you should do, ran the MCPR tool again, checked that there is no trace of Mcafee folders then tried installing again, no joy.
      - I got coffee
      - I updated everything in windows update, ran MCPR, tried installing again, no joy
      - I came here

      My system:

      Vista 64-bit SP2
      Firefox v3.0.14

      Any ideas? Any more info you need?
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          Peter M
          Try this....

          McAfee SecurityCenter and the McAfee Installer rely on Internet Explorer.

          Make sure you are not using any beta version of IE8, if so uninstall it immediately and download the final version from Microsoft.

          Also make sure, as you are using a 64-bit system, that Internet Explorer 32-bit is the default IE (you'll see two listed in Start/All Programs). For the purpose of this exercise try setting it to the default browser for now.

          Now go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click "Reset", OK any UAC prompts and click Apply and OK.
          Close and reopen IE and go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable all the add-ons you want. (The above exercise disabled them all).

          See if it works now. If not.....

          Run the McAfee Preinstall Tool from the following link and try to install the Product, let us know if the issue persists: http://download.mcafee.com/products/...PreInstall.exe

          If that fails to cure the situation then I suggest Technical Support Chat at top left of the page.
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            Sorry for the slow reply, college got busy

            I hadn't updated IE at all since I got the PC as I only ever use firefox. I only had an early version of IE7 :o McAfee installed fine after updating. Thanks for the help!
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              Peter M
              Glad you are OK now. It's important to keep all aspects of the system up to date regardless of whether or not you use them.

              Marking as solved. Good luck.