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    How do irecover my account information and download mcafee 10 as i lost my disk and s

      I just lost the hd with the 2010 mcafee on it. I just installed this a few weeks ago and im at a loss as to what to do next! I somehow lost the case with the disk in it and haveNO IDEA HOW TO FIND MY ACCOUNT ANY PLACE ON YOURWEBSITE!
      What gives as the FAQ thats so old half the links didnt work to the questions!
      plEASEE GET BACK TO ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,I JUST GOT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL AND the freaking computer crashes.So im on a backup hd and things like mcafee are outdated subscription. I have found the other disks to update the other things and the mcafee was the last one i instelled.
      Thank you