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    How long to install?

      I just renewed my subscription to Security Center. How long typically does it take to install my new subscription?

      I renewed and purchased the total protection. DMsetup is still running at about an hour???

      Also, I only see the empty box with Security center at the top, no bars or anything to tell you what or if anything is actually being installed. No progress displays at all.
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          Peter M
          What is your operating system and service pack? What version of Internet Explorer are you using? McAfee relies on I.E. being up to date and set to default settings.

          Installation times vary wildly depending on the speed of your connection and how many applications are being installed.
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            All is fixed. I did the technical online chat with a McAfee representative. Apparently there was something wrong with my java script version ??

            He had me download and run the correct version (not sure what that would be) and when I attempted to install again I received the prompts and progress displays inside the box which i didn't the first time i ran it. Everything then installed correctly.
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              Peter M
              Glad it's fixed. Yes it's vital these days to keep every aspect of Windows & its supporting functions up to date.