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    Security Center 9.3

      I have Security Center 9.3 and am only using Virus Scan 13.3 as I have other firewalls and such. Two months ago it quit updating the Virus Scan Data Files and I spent a day with a tech until they figured out it was in the McaFee server. Everything has worked since then and it would automatically update every day with no problem. Then yesterday, Saturday the 25th it quit updating and I have the same problem. Trying to maual update just tells me that my program is up to date but I am at Data File #5687 and they have # 5689 already posted. MVT says everything is ok and that it is looking for Data File 5687. I spent over an hour with a tech on the chat line today and let him remote through my computer. I am retired from Bell Labs and know how to check and clean my computer and it is not my problem, but after an hour the tech told me to wait until tomorrow and see if it would work. From the time before when I called in and paid for a tech, he told me the MVT looks at the newest Data File# and compares that with what I have. If that is so then the MVT can't even access the Data Files, because it tells me it is looking for one that is two days outdated.
      This is the 2nd time now in less than 3 months this has happened and I have changed nothing in my computers. In fact they still automatically access the McAfee site to check for updates but just don't see the new Data Files. I am somewhat growing tired of this and there seems to be no inclination by the techs to look at their stuff. And yes, I have gone thrugh the uninstall and reinstall and all of the other clean up steps for my computers.
      Do you have any idea of how I can get this problem looked at as I still work with people all over the work with people all over the world and need the latest virus proitection. I am thinking of dropping my McAfee which I have had for years and going to one of the other top rated Security companies as I should not have to waste hours while some thechnician that didn't seem to really know what to do messes around and then tells me to wait another day and see if it will start working.


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          Peter M
          Just because a certain DAT number is posted doesn't mean everyone is getting it right at that moment in time. I'm at the same DAT level as you and according to the updater there aren't any available updates. Updates are sometimes held back or even cancelled and it often takes ages to reach some servers.

          So I would say, stop worrying.
          • 2. Ron65: I am at Data File #5687
            My last update is dat 5687 also (7/24/09) nothing since then, but the next one will eventually arrive.
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              Thanks for the information. I see they have posted Dat Files # 5689 now and I am still getting the same message. Where did you check for the updater? When I looked at the newest stuff it showed a couple of new problems that should have been in 5688. Now that 5689 is posted I should be able to update and it still shows my program is up to date. That is exactly what happened the last time and when they looked I was 4 Data File updates behind and it was a server problem there. Id did the automatic update ok Saturday morning, but when I logged on Saturday afternoon it looked and acted as if it was updating but didn't. When I tried the manual update I just got the message that my files were up to date. Normally it updates every morning when I turn the c9omputer on.


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                Peter M
                Right-click the taskbar icon and select Updates. If none are available to the server it will tell you that. As I said, nothing to worry about.
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                  I am also at 5687 even though I have had daily email notifications that 5688 and 5689 are available. The email notifications arrive in the early hours of the morning (Perth West Aust) and usually by the time I get up the download is readily available. Ok so I wont worry...yet. But if it doesnt correct by this time tomorrow i probably will happy
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                    Peter M
                    There have been one or two dud updates lately so this isn't anything new.
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                      Peter M
                      My Vista Ultimate (main) rig just auto-updated this morning to 5689, now to boot into the other 3 OS's and get them updated.
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                        5689 received here also. thank you
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                          Same here. Thank you Peter for the time to answer my question.

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