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    Cannot disable alert messages

      I intentionally did not install the Site checker and Virus Scanner products in Mcafee Security Center 2009. I only want the firewall.

      I constantly get alert messages stating that I'm not protected. :mad:

      These are my settings.
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          Peter M
          By Site Checker I assume you mean SiteAdvisor. That's optional so wont effect Security Center's behaviour.

          VirusScan, however, is regarded as an essential component of any of the retail packages & has to be installed to avoid those alerts. Which means you would have to uninstall any other anti-virus that you may be using.
          Only certain applications are available as separate packages and VirusScan or Firewall Plus are not.

          Out of interest what other anti-virus are you using instead of VirusScan?

          It is fine to use extra anti-spyware however. There are a few free ones we recommend listed here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=136913
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            I don't use virus scanners, rather I sandbox all applications that are potential virus vectors using a program called "Sandboxie".

            Once malware infects your system you cannot trust anything your doing. If you delete the virus using a virus scanner your only putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. It's only delaying the inevitable. A compromised system can't be trusted. The only permanent fix is a full drive formatting.

            I am a IT Security Analyst so I understand this is not for everyone. Average users should have a virus scanner and firewall. But for me, running anti-virus processes 24/7 is a waste of processors cycles and battery life. Behavior is 99% of your security.
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              Peter M
              Then the best solution for you is not to choose anything that is part of a suite. All McAfee home products are part of a suite with at least VirusScan being a compulsory installation.
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                Yeah, I'm evaluating some different options. I heard good things about Mcafee's firewall solution but it doesn't appear to be granular enough to support stand alone operation.

                Oh well, thanks anyway.
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                  Peter M
                  You're welcome.