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    Problem Installing 3-User McAfee Total Protection

      I'm having issues installing on a vista premium machine...

      I previously removed a soon to be expired version of 3-User McAfee Internet Security (I upgraded to Total protection) and for some reason the old version said expires in 7 days. I thought maybe I had to uninstall and reinstall the one I upgraded to. So this is what I'm trying to do now. But, it keeps crapping out on me...

      Every time I go to install the program, the Mcafee Installer window pops up, it looks like it connects to something, then goes blank and stays that way, I left it on earlier in a previous try for 4 hours it just sat there mocking me.

      I did some research and I followed these instructions:

      thinking that would help, it did not...

      Any suggestions?

      Lil Chris

      NOTE: After I uninstalled the previous version, I did use the MCPR app to clean it all up.