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    Solution / fix - wireless connection lost

      I'd have posted this on the Solved Issues forum but that's closed to new threads ...

      The solution is to disable automatic updates for the product.
      That means that I can only process updates manually, which is risky.

      The problem was ...

      The wireless network connection & Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) from other PCs was zapped to a fictious 168.x.x.x IP address which I researched to mean "there was a problem" & ICS settings were reset on the provider PC to disallow ICS.

      This happened randomly (maybe hours OK maybe less than a minute OK).
      This also happened whenever any of the networked PCs was rebooted.

      I tried static IP addresses, no joy.
      I tried different wireless dongles, no joy.
      I tried relaxing firewall permissions for networked PCs, no joy.

      Broadband modem connected only to the main PC.
      Main PC is set up to act as a router for other PCs on the wireless network (for private reasons I will not change this, nor should I have to).

      The solution has worked now for 24 hours without failure.

      (Addendum:- this problem has caused hours of work, money spent unnecessarily for new equipment, lost effort, lost online relationships, many many angry moments and a serious family row. I have used McAfee since January 1998 but this issue is making me reconsider my loyalty.)

      Product details:-
      Security Center
      Version: 9.3
      Build 9.3.162

      All PCs run XP SP3