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    Upgrade to V5.2

      I am just about to upgrade our test rig from build 5600 to V5.2, I have checked in the documents that came with the download, and in the pfdf update and migration guide the last version mentioned is upgrading from V5x to V5.1.x.
      So I need to confirm do i use this guide to update from build 5600 to V5.2 or is there another guide.
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          I think it's a documentation error.

          I used the guide to update our server and it worked fine. Also notice the split installation, PC and management, the documentation doesn't say it but you will need to run both setup.exe files.

          Hope that helps.
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            The documentation has not been updated for 5.2 and there really is quite a bit that has changed. The software is deployed in three parts now, the managemet server, the EEPC and EEFF are all separate updates. You have to do all three starting with the EE Management Server, and then updates to the PC and FF components.

            The software itself also has lots of problems that we have run into. Every time I synch the machine that had 5.1.9 that I updated to 5.2, it says updating files from 5.1. I called into McAfee about this and they said it was a cosmetic error.

            I have another machine that every time the sync runs, it says it is updating one of the files. Looking at the modules section, it says the file version is what I expect it to be. Never the less, the file says it is updating on every sync.

            The version of the software is not updated on 50% of our systems in the McAfee Agent's About window and the version reported to EPO is similarly off. Half the machines are reporting the wrong version. I don;t know how anyone would ever tell what versions are installed or what systems have or have not updated correctly.

            Good Luck!
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              it is 5.1 though? not sure any version has ever reported the minor-minor version number. Only DLL files have 4digits, everything else is 2.
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                I'm not sure what you mean. The versions reported in EPO are like 5.1.7, 5.1.9 or 5.2.0 Machines that are upgraded from 5.1.9 to 5.2.0 may or may not report the correct version in EPO. Some that are upgraded do show up as 5.2.0, some don't. It appears to be about 75% correct for us. I only have 80 systems so far.

                If you right click on the Big Red M, and Click About... Then the version is similarly reported with about 75% accuracy.

                McAfee support said this can be fixed by editing the registry to change a value to what it is supposed to be. Basically, what happens is that about 25% of the time, when EE for PC is updated, the registry entry that McAfee agent uses to determine the installed version doesn;t get updated correctly, and then it never fixes itself.

                As far as the Updating files from version
                Update Successful

                message I see in the sync logs, supposedly this is cosmetic and there is a patch to fix that in the works - according to McAfee support.
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                  It's been reported, but I don't expect anything to happen - The upgrade moves 5.1x to 5.2x, it's not more specific than that.
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                    I got it now, I don't think we understand what each other are saying.

                    I am saying that at every sync, the client is reporting that it is upgrading from 5.1

                    I don't care that it says it is upgrading from 5.1 instead of from 5.1.9. What I care about is that every single sync event has these three lines...

                    Attempting to upgrade from version
                    Upgrade completed successfully.

                    If I hit the Synchronize button, it will say this again. If I reboot and synchronize it will say this again. Either the upgrade was not successful and it really is trying to upgrade at every syunchronization, or it is incorrectly stating that it is trying to upgrade.

                    Tech support told me that I should ignore that it says it is trying to upgrade every time there is a sync event. I am not complaining that it says 5.1. I am complaining that it says it is upgrading, and that upgrading was successful and then it says that every time the machine syncs.
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                      getting back to my original point is there an upgrade guide for upgrading to V5.2, as the upgrade guide with the download is upgrading from 5.x to 5.1.x.
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                        what does this mean? so when I install EEMon the server, the client computers do not get updated as well?

                        do i have to install the eepc on the client computers or on the server?

                        is there any UPDATED installation guide or any updated info about the changes???
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                          eoboint -

                          Double check your file groups and make sure you don't have multiple versions of the same type selected.

                          I had the exact same problem when I had accidentally checked both the Language files 5.1.9 and 5.1.6 when I performed my upgrade.

                          It seems if you have to conflicting versions of the same type selected on a computer in the DB, it will say it is upgrading it over and over with every sync. Possibly that is your issue?
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