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    McAfee Security Suite problems

      Today, rather earlier, I was using McAfee Security Suite just fine. I get it as a plus for having high speed internet through Cox Cable (Cox Security Suite). However, I was having issues with my OS, so I reinstalled it. Now I try to go back to reinstall it, and the problems begin. For starters, when I install it, after initial download, it scans to see if there are programs running that would hinder installation, then does a quick scan before it starts to install. Right here is where things happen. It fails to scan at this point, telling me that it failed to remove a threat from my PC and to go to McAfee customer support. I then click next, and it begins to install, or so it says. After this, it places all the stuff on my computer, I load it up and it says "Your computer is not protected." I select fix, and it attempts to update, and fails. It won't update, or fix anything that is wrong. I go to select "About" and nothing comes up. I click on Components Installed, and an empty box comes up.
      I don't understand how I have done this before just fine, as this is not my first time reinstalling it, and now it is messing up. I even disabled all of my firewall, I know there are no viruses on my computer, because before I formatted the Drives to install Windows Vista Premium, I was using McAfee...
      I Am stuck, have searched everywhere, with no solution. It tells me it's downloading the Suite, and doesn't. What has changed >.<
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          Peter M
          When you reinstalled your system was this after formatting the hard drive, or a "repair install"? Also what is your system and service pack & what version of Internet Explorer do you have installed, whether or not you use it?

          What other protection software do you have installed especially any that may have some sort of active protection?

          Try scanning with the free version of these two tools to make sure your machine is free of malware. Let them clean anything they find, as reboot may be required afterwards.


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            I am using Windows Vista Premium, Service Pack 2. I reformatted my Hard Drive completely, then proceeded to install Windows Vista Prem. Service Pack 1, and allowed it to update its way to Service Pack 2. I then installed my drivers, and McAfee. There were, and still are no other active virus protections/spyware protections. I have reinstalled McAfee 3 times in the past month with no error, once 3 days ago. All of the sudden tonight it installs, and immediately tells me my PC is not protected. I even downloaded it from McAfee's official site, and the same thing happened.
            I then tried it on all other computers in my house, 3 others aside from this one. And they all have also came to the same conclusion. Just got off the phone with a friend, he uninstalled it, and attempted to reinstall it to see if it was a virus perhaps just in my house's network, and also gets the same problem. Perhaps McAfee has made some kind of update that has hindered it from installing properly to computers now -.-
            I don't know what it is, but it isn't being caused by me now that I have a few other sources seeing the same errors.
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              Peter M
              That is weird, especially as it isn't just confined to you now. I'll ask internally and hope someone is around.
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                Peter M
                By the way, what version of IE is this and are all these machines connected to the same network?

                If they are then infection comes to mind.
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                  All 4 of the computers in my house are connected to the same network, but my friend's is not. We all go through the same ISP, Cox Cable however. This provider offers McAfee for all High-Speed internet users, and that is where the download is obtained from. My current version of IE is 8. The other computers in my home run off of Windows XP Professional, and are using IE 7 I believe.
                  I attempt to update McAfee multiple times and it shows the arrow in the taskbar, as well as gives a percentage of Virus Scan being downloaded, however nothing changes.

                  *Real-time scanning is disabled.
                  *The detection signature file is more than 30 days old.
                  *Spyware and potentially unwanted program scanning is disabled.
                  *IM scanning is disabled.
                  *Script Scanning is disabled.
                  *Buffer overflow protection is disabled.

                  When I update, all but the first two disappear, however when I restart my computer, they all return.

                  When I click the "About" icon, nothing shows.
                  When I click the "Components Installed" icon, a box with nothing in it shows.

                  This is the first time having this problem, as I've never encountered issues installing it before. The other computers are seldom if ever used, and have always been protected by McAfee (at least until I tried to reinstall it).
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                    I'll also note that the McAfee Virtual Technician found nothing either. It stated all components were running properly >.<
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                      Peter M
                      I'm wondering if Cox's servers are wonky? Did you try rebooting after the installation?

                      Also make sure that you system clocks are accurate. (I know - it's hardly likely that everyone's clock is wrong).

                      At this stage or until someone comes along with a suggestion all I can suggest is uninstall via Control Panel, run the removal tool (in my signature) then reboot and reinstall.

                      Other than that there is always Technical Support Chat available 24/7, link at top left of this page or again, in my signature.
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                        Very well. If anything, it makes me think it has to do with the file it is downloading to the computer. If I remember right, before the file it downloaded was well over 50,000kb. For some reason now it is around 26,000. And just before it downloads these files, McAfee quick scans your computer. When it did, I got an "Immediate" message saying a threat could not be removed. Everything up to that point was fine =/
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                          Peter M
                          That "Threat" is probably Windows Defender, try disabling it until afterwards. Also scan using those tools I mentioned earlier.
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