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    XP boot fails after installing SecurityCenter

      I ordered a 2-year subscription on 6/28, but yesterday (7/1) I noticed that the expiration date hadn't updated on my SecurityCenter, so I checked my McAfee account and it looked like I had to install new software. So I downloaded the SecurityCenter and ran the .exe to install it. I don't recall any messages during the install that indicated any problems, and got to the last page, which said a restart was required to complete the installation. I clicked on restart and the system shut down normally, but on restarting it gave a message, and repeated attempts to reboot get the same message.

      Windows could not start because the following file is missing
      or corrupt:
      <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll
      Please re-install a copy of the above file.

      I'm running XP SP3 on a Dell XPS400 with 2.8GHz Pentium D and 2 GB main memory (many GB of disk available). I acquired it in 2006 with McAfee software installed, and had previously extended the McAfee subscription without incident.

      The normal first attempt at a fix after this message is apparently to start from the XP recovery disk, but I can't find mine, if in fact I made one after getting the machine (it came without one). My next step would be to recover from the PC Restore partition, but that would put me back in 2006 and I'd have to reinstall all subsequent software that I still use. (My data is backed up.)

      Any suggestions?
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          We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you but I don&#8217;t find any reason where you would be getting the BSOD after running the Dm setup file. It might happen if you have any conflicting software or program while installing the product.
          But the solution for this issue is performing the repair installation with Windows XP disk that you might receive it with computer. Or you have to check with manufacture for preparing boot Disk.
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            Actually I did not get the infamous BSOD-- the problem occurs very early in the boot process while the screen is still white text on black, before any Windows logo or anything appears.

            IIRC, during the McAfee install process there was a step which involved moving some system code out of its normal location, to be replaced with something new from McAfee. So I suspect that the replacement part of that failed for some reason, probably as you suggest, "It might happen if you have any conflicting software or program while installing the product."

            Whatever, I'm quite disappointed with McAfee at this point. The installation process should not leave the machine unbootable if it has difficulty, but should put things back in order before terminating with an error.

            But thank you for your response.
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              Things may be okay now. I got the recovery disk from the computer manufacturer and was able to get to the point of being able to boot again, but everytime I restarted or cold started, I was back at the same error and had to go thru the recovery disk again. I found from reading other forums that there is a "bootcfg /rebuild" option when I go through the Recovery Console part of the recovery disk. After doing this (faster than the whole recovery), I could again boot once before seeing the problem. I finally booted in safe mode and reinstalled the McAfee package successfully, so had security back.

              A week or so later, after installing some minor XP updates and installing a new level of RealPlayer, I was able to reboot without having to go through the recovery disk. I don't know which update fixed the problem, but at least I'm running normally now.
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                Peter M
                Glad things are running better now...:)