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    Can't wirelessly get McAfee data

      I don't believe I had the problem before the latest update of Security Center. I am now on vers. 9.3 My desktop PC works fine.
      I was having a problem where my dat file was no longer valid. Whenever the automatic update ran, it ended with an error message: "An error has occurred in the update. Please reinstall 7-(?) McAfee Virus Scan Plus". I can't remember the word where the question mark is located. I get the same message if I try to manual start an update. If I try to run McAfee Virtual Technician, it tells me that my Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
      I have discovered that if I hook up my laptop with an ethernet calbe to the router and turn off wireless mode. I can do everything just as I am able to do with my desktop. Everything hooks up and performs as designed.
      I have two wireless sources and in wireless mode, they both fail.
      The laptop running in wireless mode has no trouble hooking up with any of the other sites I visit on the internet.
      Is there something special about using McAfee Security Center on a wireless laptop?
      Any help would be appreciated.