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    Turbo Scan

      Hey guys i like some of you have quite a fast computer and i bet some of you get fed up with wait forever for it to scan like me? am i right or what? The fact is even if you have a slow computer when scanning McAfee does not fully utilise all the computers power most of i goes to waste. I know i have this problem i have a quad core and the program does not even use of of the cores not even half a core and i sit around for hours waiting for it to scan. To you McAfee guys you probably wont even read this its just a sugestion but mabye in your future products you could include a mode "Turbo Scan" or something which uses all the power the computer has to give. If you are using the computer it would tone down a little when the process was maxed out and u were trying to work but after that was done and it should crank it back up to 100%. If you guys are interested anyone please post a note it might help this thread in getting noticed.

      Thanks guys

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          Peter M
          It's designed the way it is because a major complaint in the past was that it was using too many resources.

          Depending on your version you can uncheck the "Use Minimal Resources" option.

          Double-click the taskbar icon to Open Security Center
          Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
          Click Configure (left)
          Click Computer & Files (top left)
          Click Advanced (right)
          Click Custom Scan (left)

          McAfee gets enough complaints as it is without reopening an old issue like that.
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            Mate i unchecked the scan using minimal resources mabye u could add a option which made that precise issue. I know from experience before you fixed that so called "issue" that McAfee was one of the fastest at scanning but as far as im concerned it has just gone downhill so might be something to think about scan unsing minimal resources does a good load of bugger all i still only see 8% on my cpu. (i have 100% for a reason at least 50% would still be good but 8% i mean come on) Add it as a option so that people with fast computers can get there scanning done fast. It does not have to be default just a option then there would be no complaint say enable as u see fit (this will slow down your computer) just dont block it out for everyone.


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              Peter M
              I hear you. They are aware that things take longer now, but unfortunately that's the way it's going to be from now on. We already broached the subject in our frequent conference calls with McAfee developers numerous times.

              I'll bring it up again.
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                I hear you mate. But cant u make like a patch or something for people it would make it much more popular as i know many people who have switched virus protection for that reason alone. Avira can rip through 200gigs of files in about a hour while it take McAfee 4-5 if not more. It wouldnt effect anyone except the people who had it and they only had it because they wanted it. Thanks its very nice of ya happy (the bringing it up gain part) hope u have a bit of luck

                Thanks again

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                  Peter M
                  I have already added it to our agenda to go forward as a suggestion to the development people. I guess they are trying to satisfy everyone. We have to remember that many people sttill have machines with barely the minimum required to do any kind of scan, let alone a fast one.

                  Good suggestion though.
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                    Peter M
                    The consensus is that the added speed would probably come at the expense of thoroughness. Every virus scanner uses different methods and it's quite possible that McAfee is delving deeper into files hence the added time.

                    Unchecking "use minimal resources" does speed up the scan to a point, without reducing effectiveness but will slow machines with minimal resources down.
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                      I know mcafee is a good scanning and the deeper delving thing is most likely correct but the speed is just a issue for me but thanks for putting my sugestion forward:)
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                        Peter M
                        You're welcome. There is the new 2010 product going into beta testing in the next few weeks which may work differently.
                        • 9. Beta Testing
                          Cool looking forward to it
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