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    Total Protection 2009

      Hi guys. I need your help! I know that this post is not for this section and I want you to excuse me. I am a student from Bulgaria. The people from the university want from us to make some research for McAfee Total Protection. And I need your help because I am not so familiar with anti virus programs. Can you help me? I need to answer these questions only with Yes and No. I found some of the answer in the user guide, nut not all. I'll be very happy if you help me :confused:

      1 SCAN
      1.1 Anti Virus Yes
      1.2 Anti Spyware Yes
      1.3 Anti Adware Yes
      1.4 Anti Dialer Yes
      1.5 Anti Phishing Yes
      1.6 Resident Protection No
      1.7 Scheduling Yes
      1.8 Quarantine Yes
      1.9 Scan archived objects (.zip, .rar) Yes
      1.10 Parallel Scan
      1.11 Rootkit Detection & Removal Yes
      1.12 0-day attack Yes
      1.13 Web-trafic scan
      1.14 P2P scan
      1.15 IM scan Yes
      1.16 Mobile Security Yes

      2.1 Firewall Yes
      2.1.1 Web traffic Control Yes
      2.1.2 Web applications control Yes
      2.1.3 Looking for changes in registers when installing programs Yes
      2.1.4 Connection control Yes
      2.1.5 Stealth mode Yes
      2.1.6 Port Scan Detection
      2.1.7 Firewall Wizard Yes
      2.2 Wireless Detection Yes
      2.3 Privacy Protection Yes
      2.4 Anti Site Blocking
      2.5 Email Protection
      2.5.1 AntiPhishing Yes
      2.5.2 AntiSpam Yes
      2.5.3 Heuristic filter
      2.5.4 White list/Black list
      2.5.5 URL filter
      2.5.6 Charset filter
      2.5.7 Image filter Yes
      2.5.8 Compatible with e-mail Application Yes

      3 CONTROL
      3.1 Control admin center Yes
      3.2 Working in different mode depends on user competence
      3.3 Password Protection Yes
      3.4 Parent Control
      3.4.1 Web control Yes
      3.4.2 Heuristic Web control
      3.4.3 Web keyword filter Yes
      3.4.4 Mail keyword filter
      3.4.5 Web time limit Yes
      3.4.6 Application Control
      3.5 Network Access Yes
      3.6 Auto Learn
      3.7 Game mode Yes

      4 PC TOOLS/PC Performance
      4.1 Backup/Restore filters Yes
      4.2 Remote file lock
      4.3 Superior performances & compatibility
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          Peter M
          I'll add answers in red to the blanks. This is for the home products only. For things I'm not sure about I'll ask elsewhere and let you know.

          Moved this to its own thread by the way.

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            Thank you very much!
            For 1.10 I mean: run 2 or 3 anti virus programs in the same time.
            1.13 is much the same as 1.14 so the answer is Yes.
            3.4.2 is like 2.5.3
            And the last one 4.2 I have no idea also. I have to ask!

            I have two more questions: 1. Do you collect information from the users for last viruses found on his machine?
            And the second is: Is there an option to set automatically security on high level for last viruses?
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              Peter M
              Your welcome.

              This one: 3.4.2 Heuristic Web control Not sure what that means
              I would assume that Parental Controls have that. So it's Yes !!
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                1.10 Parallel Scan
                McAfee products use a single engine for malware. This engine does not use multi-cpu, but can be used by the program to scan more than 1 file at a time.
                The AntiSpam module has it's own engine.

                1.13 Web-trafic scan
                There is no protocol filter, but there is ScriptScan to check for malicious script execution. All other web downloaded files will be checked by the on-access scanner.

                2.1.6 Port Scan Detection
                This is done throught the IDS module for malicious scans.

                2.5.3 Heuristic filter
                The engine does have heuristic detection.

                2.5.4 White list/Black list
                Users also have the option to manually control access to specific Web sites or to allow/deny network access to a program or port.

                2.5.6 Charset filter
                Yes, for email/spam protection.

                2.5.7 Image filter Yes
                No, based on content filtering to allow a site (not just image) from SiteAdvisor or Parental Controls' keywords.

                3.2 Working in different mode depends on user competence
                Basic mode, Advanced Mode. There are options to allow advanced users see more prompts and configuration if needed.

                3.4.1 Web control Yes
                Controls access to the web, but not administering the program via a web interface.

                3.4.4 Mail keyword filter
                Users may create a mail/spam keyword filter. Also, the program can block sending user specified personal information in plaintext to the internet.

                3.6 Auto Learn
                Yes, via SmartRecommendations for firewall rules of trusted/known applications

                4.2 Remote file lock
                There is now a Vault to allow encryption and protection of files.
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                  Statistical data about detections is reported for analysis.
                  AFAIK, there is no option, but if a virus is detected, the program will recommend a full scan (which offers a slightly higher detection rate).
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                    Post #5:

                    3.6 Auto Learn: No

                    McAfee uses Smart Recommendations, you can turn them off or set to display so the user can make a choice. The Smart Recommendations come from McAfee, without user input.
                    For as far as I know, there is no Auto Learn as in many HIPS, behaviour blockers.
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                      This depends on the interpretation of "Auto Learn" as it's a very generic term. In the context of software firewalls, many vendors have adapted an auto learn so the user is not prompted for every common application. However, the OP listed Auto Learn under section 3, Control. I'm not sure how Auto Learn could be applied here but there are many automatic things going on in each product module based on program behaviors.
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                        Thank you guys! I think this information is enough. happy
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                          Peter M
                          Glad to help.