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    Stuck on Gathering download information

      I am trying to install McAfee Security Center 9.0 on my girlfriends computer from comcast. Once it gets done "scanning for viruses" it goes to the screen where it says gathering download information. From there it does nothing. I know for a fact that her computer is infected, and I booted it in safe mode to download the security center. It's a laptop, running Vista, and I tried downloading it plugged into a land line. Can anyone point me in the right direction from here?

      !!UPDATE!! The only thing her computer is infected with is this Personal Antivirus crap which I am removing now.
      !!UPDATE TO THE UPDATE!! For anyone who is experiencing the same problem, i tried the following things.
      1. Boot in safe mode, and try running the installer there (Make sure you are not using a wireless connection). This one did not work for me, but two other people said it worked for them.
      2. Run the Mcafee tool to remove all of your old Mcafee products. (Cant remember what its called) After that, try and install it agian. (Again, didnt work for me, but from what I understand that could possibly solve it)
      3. Download a free virus scanner of some sort and make sure your computer is COMPLETELY clean. My girlfriend had a rouge anti-spyware program on hers, and after I removed it, I was able to succesfully install the Mcafee SecurityCenter