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    Invalid Entitlement

      I've recently bought a Windows Home Server which comes with McAfee Total Protection Service. It has a 7 month free trial but not appear to have become activated.

      How do I activate it?

      I have tried the "Update Now" link and this gives me the following error:

      Invalid Entitlement

      Unable to create Cab Installer Object. Agent Service may not be running properfly. Please click here for more details: Error Details

      The "Error Details" has a link which links to this:


      but that page gives this error message:

      Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'

      Include file not found

      /MC/VS49/LNG/ENU/Agent/CabInstallerError.asp, line 1

      The include file 'SSI/Common.asp' was not found.
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