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    Error Message: "Scan failed to start; result = -2147467259" (implications)

      I have a problem similar (if not same) to the one described in the now closed thread Error Message: "Scan failed to start; result = -2147467259"

      Namely, I first encountered this problem in a peculiar way: when I switched on my computer on the day when the regular virus scan was scheduled (last Friday) it would freeze after the initial WinXP boot screen and would function only in safe mode with network disabled. Suspecting a virus, I tried to run the virus scan but received exactly the same error message ("Scan failed to start; result = -2147467259").
      After a few days (cannot say exactly as I have not switched my computer up till today) the Windows XP (3SP) have booted but the security status is the same (i.e. not protected). What should I do in the WinXP to resolve this problem (keeping in mind that next Friday McAfee will try to run the scheduled virus scan and may crush the Windows again)?

      Just for info, I've run the ESET Online Scanner, and it found and quarantined a threat in MyCentria folder (which is from Firefox, I guess), and now (or maybe even before that) my browser IE 8 (I have Forefox installed but - luckily? - do not use it) would not open sites with security certificates needed, saying that "the certificate is either outdated or has not begun yet". Is it somehow related? Do I have to reinstall the Security Center?

      Thank you for your help!