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    Error Message: "Scan failed to start; result = -2147467259"

      Every time I log on to the Security Center screen it says, "system not protected" as a result, I tell it to "Fix it" and it updates. However, under the Computer section, it still says, "Spyware and Potentially Unwanted Program Scanning is disabled". I then manually turned it on. Only to be disappointed when it immediately turns itself back off. I tried this repeatedly with and without an internet connection and it does the same thing. If I try to run a scan of the system, I get the following error message:

      "Error-Scan failed to start; result = -2147467259"

      I have uninstalled, then reinstalled McAfee Security Center and the result is the same.

      I am running a Dell XPS M1530, with Windows Vista Home Premium (64-Bit), with a duo core intel processor. The computer is two WEEKS old and I'm already having problems.

      It all started after I ran an McAfee update and then Internet Explorer began performing rapid popups. I selected the task manager to end task and finally got them to stop. I ran a scan (nothing was found) and then enabled Firewall Lockdown, which stopped all incoming traffic. However, i continued to have the pop-ups. The first pop-ups were of MSN's homepage and after the Firewall was enabled, the pop-ups were of just blank IE screens that said no connection.

      I ran the McAfee virtual technician and it said that it couldn't fix everything. I then contacted McAfee via their online chat support and spoke with Klashnara (or something like that) and he gave me a download to fix everything and then ended the chat session. I ran the download and was prompted to restart the computer, which I did. However, nothing worked. All of the previous problems persisted. The pop-ups stopped but McAfee still won't not scan and still says that its not protected. Please help.