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    Spybot removal issue


      i have searched the forums for this and a bunch of other places as well.

      i cannot install my upgrade of security center 2009.

      I get the message that I have to remove Spybot.

      I go to add remove programs in XP and attempt to remove Spybot and get the message that xp cannot find the file unins000.dat.

      The issue is I can find no other Spybot files anywhere on my pc. I have removed any type of folder related to it. I have reinstalled this version of Spybot - and tried uninstalling and this did not work as well. I have installed a new version over this version and uninstalled and the new version can be uninstalled and this cannot.

      I have followed Spybot's instructions on manual removal at

      http://www.safer-networking.org/en/howto/uninstall.html and still no success.

      i have been at this for approximately 10 days and now my upgrade/update of Mcafee is useless and my old subscription has expired.

      Thanks for any advice.