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    Update needed my computer to re-start?

      OK, I have just had a pop-up in the task bar (over the systems tray) that has informed me to re-start my computer as BT Net Protect Plus/McAfee has installed some important updates.I have only had McAfee for eight days, I was just wondering what this was. I am new to McAfee, is this a regular (weekly) occurrence or just occasional?

      It seemed to go well anyway. 'Recent Events' claims there has been a 'one-time change' to my computer & gives a series of times.

      'Details' informs me about how spyware can make changes to the Win.ini file.

      Then lists:

      Rule type: File

      Process: C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe

      Process Description: Windows installer

      Process Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

      Process version: 4.0.6000 (vista_rtm 061101-2205) C:\Windows\win.ini