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    Endpoint Encryption & Device control

      I'm trying to block all USB devices other than those Encrypted with McAfee Endpoint encryption but it seems to just block all devices. Please see the screenshot below for details of the device definition and the rule.

      Am I doing something(or everything) wrong?


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          what files are on the device? are they encrypted with EEFF/EERM etc?
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            Hi Safeboot, the one I've been testing with has been encrypted with EERM. The only files on the device are MfeeEERM.exe, autorun.ing and the encrypted McAfee EERM folder. I've now exlcuded "Mcafee Encrypted USB Devices" but it's still not working.
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              I think the version of DLP you are using is older than the EERM feature - I think it only understands <files> encrypted with EEFF, not EERM protection.
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                I thought that's what you were suggesting in your previous post so I tried formatting the drive and encrypting the entire drive with EEF, not EERM.... still the same result. I don't suppose you happen to know what versions of DLP and EERM are compatible?

                The customer is leaning towards just using EEFF now anyway and ditching DLP as they seem happy enough allowing all devices to work as long as they are encrypted. I've set the option in EEFF that forces USB drives to read only unless encrypted with EERM, then demonstrated it to the customer and they seem happy but just want to check if it will pass or fail their audit before making a decision.