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    Changing the time of Scheduled system scans

      I'm using BT NetProtect Plus, which I believe to be a cut-down version of Security Centre 9. It's Version 9.3, build 9.3.137. Virus Scan is V13.3, build 13.3.117, engine 5301.4018.

      It's on a Windows XP Home, SP3 PC, but I'm also running it on a Vista Home Basic Dell laptop as well.

      Security Centre seems to have various system scans and updates automatically configured at pre-set times.

      Since the scans have quite a resource impact on the laptop and makes it quite unusable during a scan, it would be nice to be able to reconfigure when the scans happen so I can do it when the PC is not in use - given that the scan takes around 90 minutes.

      Does anyone know if it is possible to change the scheduled scan time, or the scheduled update time? I've searched the various configuration screens but can't find this option (I can only find manual scan screens or options to turn off / downgrade automated update)