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    Security Center not recognizing Internet connection.

      I just got this laptop a month ago. It came with a free trial of Norton, which I used until it expired. Then I wanted to add this computer to my McAfee subscription. It can cover three computers and is only installed on one. I uninstalled everything with Norton before I installed McAfee, but it won't recognize that I have an Internet connection so it won't update or allow me to put in my user name for my subscription.

      I went through the "Support" section of the website but it ended up just frustrating me more. The Virtual Technician wouldn't install because for some reason doesn't recognize this account as an administrator. I went through a solution on the FAQ section three times and it didn't work. Then I tried to do that chat thing and surprise, surprise, it wouldn't load either.

      I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it three times, even once trying to install it from the website. You'd think it'd know you had Internet if it was being downloaded from the Internet, but no. I found some previous questions on this forum about the same problem and tried a link to some "preinstall" thing but that didn't help either. I've tried changing my connection settings, changing security settings, disabling my wireless card and enabling it again, restarting the computer, and anything else I can think of, and I'm out of ideas.

      So, I could really, really use some help with this. I appreciate any suggestions and your time!
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          Peter M
          First of all......Please include the following information:

          What is your operating system, service pack and are you up to date with Microsoft update? There are two ways of checking this. Go to Start/Run and type in winver then click the Enter key. Or, right-click My Computer in the Start Menu or on your desktop (or Computer in Vista) and select Properties.
          Post what it says along with which version of Internet Explorer is installed, your RAM size and how much hard drive space is left on your drive.

          Did you use the Norton Removal Tool to get rid of all remnants of Norton Security?
          I would recommend running it, again if already used.

          Also try the following:

          If you are using IE8 beta uninstall it immediately. Reboot.

          In IE7 go to Internet Explorer Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset, Apply and then OK.

          Exit IE and re-open it. Re-enable whatever add-ons you need as that exercise disables all of them.

          If Internet Explorer 6 - go to Tools/Internet Options..

          General tab: clear cookies, history and temporary files

          Security tab: set all zones to default

          Content tab: disable Content Advisor

          Advanced tab: set to default. OK and exit.

          Try again.

          Note: If you are still using IE6 you shouldn't be even if your default browser is something else. You should update to IE7 at least and preferably IE8 as it is now final.

          Explanation McAfee relies on an up to date I.E. to function whether or not you use it.
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            Did you uninstall with the Norton removal tool ? Norton tends to leave stuff behind.
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              Ugh . . . I'm about two seconds away from pulling all my hair out.

              I tried installing that Norton Uninstall thing and it wouldn't load. (I'm beginning to see a pattern.) I kept getting a "page cannot be displayed" message.

              So I thought I'd try installing Internet Explorer 8. (I was using 7.) I thought maybe that it just wanted me to have the newest version. And now my computer will not connect to the Internet at all! My wireless card says I'm connected and getting a good signal, but nothing will dispaly. So now I am stuck on my much older and slower desktop.

              I had someone complain at work that they tried uninstalling Internet Explorer 8 after being told it would revert to Explorer 7 but it didn't and then he was without a browser so he couldn't get to anything to download it. I am afraid to uninstall because of this. I don't see Internet Explorer 7 in my Add and Remove Software list anymore.

              I think I may have just dug myself in deeper, but here is that information anyway. (In case it will actually help.)

              Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3
              The computer is a Dell 1525 with an Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz processor with 1.99 GB of RAM
              There should be a good 100 GB of Hard Drive left, can't see what it is exactly but there's not a lot on there.
              As far as I know I'm up to date with Microsoft updates but I haven't seen it install anything on it's own for a while.

              Thank you for your help.
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                Peter M
                Uninstall IE8 from the Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs. IE7 will still be there. Your colleague may have done a service pack (or similar major update) install after installing it, that locks it in place unfortunately, but in your case IE7 is still there.
                Wait for it to appear the normal way through Microsoft Updates. By the way, make sure your Windows is up to date with both critical and non-critical updates using Microsoft Updates not the old Windows Update.

                Can you save the Norton Removal Tool to your desktop first? If it wont do it in regular mode try booting to "Safe Mode With Networking" by tapping F8 while booting up.

                Right-click it and go to Properties and unblock if blocked. Then run it.
                • 5. Thank you, thank you!
                  IT'S WORKING! Ah man, what a relief! Thank you, thank you!

                  I uninstalled Internet Explorer 8, and you were right, Explorer 7 came back for me. I then tried that Norton Uninstaller again. I still couldn't get it to load or even save it to my desktop. It said it wasn't supported or something. On a whim, I tried saving it to this older computer and then I copied it onto my USB Drive. It let me put it on the laptop that way and then ran smoothly. Apparently, Norton had something hiding because McAfee is updating as I type this! I'm just letting it go while typing this on my older computer.

                  So, thanks a lot for the help! I am so glad it's over with now. Let's hope I didn't catch any nasty viruses while trying to fix my virus protection software!
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                    Peter M
                    Glad it's OK now. Moved to the solved area.