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    Auto Update and Install to McAfee Security Center Version 9.0??

      Hi, is it possible for McAfee Security Center to auto update and install itself from a previous version to the latest, ie from Version 8.0 to 9.0, as in my case?

      When I first subscribed to McAfee Security Center, my laptop was preinstalled with Version 7.0. I had to actually uninstall it manually, and reinstalled the then latest version, 8.0.

      Recently, I noticed McAfee checked for the updates as usual, but I was required to restart my computer. I did so, and the noticed that the one I am using is of Version 9.0?

      Could this be the work of a malicious software, virus, etc, where they can program the computer to automatically download files from the internet? Or is it just the routine update my McAfee?

      Ex_Brit, or anyone, please clarify. Thanks.