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    Fix nor virtual technician working. NOT PROTECTED?

      After been notified that my computer is not fully protected went the fix way. This did not work. I then went then Virtual Technician way. Same problem. I then noticed the DAT file thing did that and now my computer manager denies me from resuming real time scanner. It is paused and access is denied for resuming it.
      I am still not protected. Big red X still there and computer and files and internet and IM action required still on.
      PS How can I post a screen shot here. That would have helped to explain the above.:confused:
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          Peter M
          There was a bad DAT release yesterday/day before which is dealt with here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=229134
          Follow those instructions and it should be fixed.

          To post an image in these forums you first have to host the image somewhere, such as Photobucket.

          Then enter the image code provided by that website with the square BBcode brackets like this:
          • 2. Still not ok

            Thanks. I am busy uploading the screen shots. I followed the link for the "bad DAT release" and the described process but the problem still persist.
            It says " some components are missing please re-install McAfee virus scan. Please advice as to the steps and possible link to do this. Here is three screen shots below of yesterday's attempts. The third is from my computer manager with the error code denying access to resume the service. I will send the screen shots of the result after using the forum,s advice yesterday later.

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              Peter M
              Did you try what I suggested in the link I posted last?

              If that doesn't work then do the following after having enabled Windows Firewall.

              1. Uninstall all McAfee programs through "Add or Remove Programs" in Windows "Control Panel".
              2. Use the MCPR tool, see this article: How to remove supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe). This will remove all McAfee remnants from your computer. (you must have Windows Vista, XP or 2000 SP4 to use this tool)
              3. Launch Windows Explorer and delete all McAfee files in "Program Files" but especially in "C:\Document and Settings\<user>\Application Data" and "C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data". You have to set Windows Explorer to show all hidden files and folders (Tools > Folder Options > View tab). Just delete the McAfee folders even if they are empty in all the "Application Data" folders. Can be more than one!
              In Vista: C:\Program Files, C:\ProgramData and C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming
              If you can't find these files don't worry. It just means that MCPR has done its job.
              4. Reboot and redownload/reinstall your McAfee products directly from your account at the McAfee web site.
              • 4. Little fingers
                Dear o dear. I read quite a few of the older posts on this subject. In one it mentions to make sure that the date on your PC is correct. Two days ago my little Haylie (4years) slipped in to my study in a brief moment that I was out. I caught her with her little fingers playing around with the keys. Checked all and it seemed ok but I did not check the date! This was the date when my scheduled scan was due. Checked it after I posted the previous posts today. It was set at May 2009. I corrected and rebooted and followed the instructions again. It is now downloading. 26% and counting. Lets hope. Thanks and will keep you posted.:)
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                  Peter M
                  LOL, kids will be kids. How on Earth could she change the date so quickly I wonder? Anyway I wish you luck.
                  • 6. Little fingers
                    Nope. Not working. Very strange this. See a lot of posts regarding this. The update goes to 26% then back to 0% and then at 8% stops completely??:(
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                      Peter M
                      Did you follow the steps in this sticky post? http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=229134

                      If that doesn't help then do the uninstall, MCPR cleanup and reinstall as I suggested.

                      If that doesn't help then I suggest Technical Support Chat, linked in my signature.
                      • 8. Little fingers
                        Man I am surely cross about all of this. Mostly because i work and live in West Africa using a dial up that is slow. How do I reinstall do I go to my account to the original purchase link i received. Can not even remember I still have about 3 months subscription will they allow the re-install?
                        I don't mean the technical side you described that is clear I just do not want McAfee to say as with some others I read about that i am not subscribed.
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                          Peter M
                          Yes you would go the online account. If you have that much left it should be fine.
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