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    Weird Update Problem

      I get a new DAT everyday with the updater automatically most of the time. Today I didn't, so I tried to manually update.
      It starts to download, finishes, and begins installation. The icon sits there for a few seonds, then dissapears. The "installation complete" screen always appears, but it won't. I have made multiple attempts to install after rebooting my computer, but it does the same thing every time. Virtual Technician says everything is fine, except for the DAT.
      The same thing happens after trying to update with VT, and I really cannot figure out why.

      A similar occurance happened about a month ago, but after making a second attempt, the update downloaded/installed just fine.

      Does anyone have any idea of what is going on? I would reinstall, but I'm worried that it won't update at all afterwards if the issue happens to be with my computer.
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