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    Update and Virus Scan Behaving Oddly

      Received popup that new McAfee updates were downloaded and would not be available until computer was restarted, clicked OK and rebooted.

      Now when running Virus Scan - Custom, the little Icons for the hard drives appear as boxes with little dots in them. Once I began a scan and right click on the scan in progress icon in the toolbar and click show scan results Virus Scan displays the Main Menu instead of the on going scan.

      Never saw this before.

      Any ideas what may be going on.

      Running McAfee Internet Security, with what I would think are the latest updates. Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3, with all the latest updates applied.

      mcods.exe appears to be functioning as it uses what appears to be normal CPU and memory resources, I just can't see the scan in progress.

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          Came home from work, scan had finished, was greeted by another popup saying updates available, must reboot to use McAfee software.

          Rebooted and Virus Scan looks like it did previously.

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            Peter M
            It's OK now? If not we need more information such as what operating system and service pack you are using and if possible can you post a screen shot of what you are talking about. You'll need to post it at one of the free hosting sites first, such as Photobucket. Then post it using the code they give you that starts with [img].

            I also need to know what version of Internet Explorer you are using (Tools/About) with the full version number.
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              Came home from work, scan had finished, was greeted by another popup saying updates available, must reboot to use McAfee software.

              Rebooted and Virus Scan looks like it did previously.

              My guess, the previous update didn't download completely/properly. Perhaps Security Center detected this and downloaded the same update again.

              Everything looks good for now. A little paranoid after battling the Vundo beast.

              I can email the screen shots if you PM me an email address, just two small image files. I didn't capture the scan window but the little icons that show hard drive locations (custom scan) looked like small dots inside a box and the scan in progress was not visible. If I would click on show scan it would return me to the home window.

              Seems to be like before now.

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                Peter M
                Out of interest double-click the taskbar icon to open Security center and then click About in the bottom right corner and post the versions.

                While you are there you should also note what the engine is for VirusScan as todays update for me at least entailed a reboot because the engine had upgraded.
                • 5. Will post additional info requested this afternoon
                  At work now, will check when I get home this afternoon.

                  Guess I have been paying a lot more attention to Security Center post Vundo. I have 3 laptops and 1 desktop protected by Security Center, all running XP Pro, SP3 and Security Center appears and behaves slightly different on each platform. I have every item in System Guards set to alert and log to monitor what is going on. The amount of requests by System Guard is suprising.

                  Have never noticed the Security Center not available until reboot before, not to say it wasn't there, just don't recall it. A little McAfee icon appears in the toolbar with a small green star on top of it. If you mouse over the icon the "not available" message appears. If you try to right click the McAfee icon in the toolbar to access one of the functions the same message appears. The other morning the message was I was "unprotected", one of the features was not working until the update was implemented by rebooting.

                  Thanks for the interest,
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                    Peter M
                    The updates lately have been causing some unprotected warnings. It's usually fixes itself or you can click fix and then it's OK. It's annoying and had been reported.

                    FYI McAfee isn't unique in that respect. I have Avast A/V on my Windows 7 and it periodically does exactly the same thing.
                    • 7. RE: Will post additional info requested this afternoon
                      I have had problems since the most recent update as well. Specifically, Windows explorer has locked up twice on me when attempting to open a folder. That has happened twice in 12 hours since the update. I am running WinXP SP3.
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                        Security Center
                        Version 9.3
                        Build 9.3.137Last Update 1/30/2009

                        Virus Scan
                        Version 13.3
                        build 13.3.117
                        Last Update 1/30/2009
                        Dat Version 5562.0000
                        Dat Creation Date 3/23/2009
                        Engine Version 5301.4018

                        Personal Firewall
                        Version 10.3
                        Build 10.3.106
                        Last Update 1/30/2009
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                          Peter M
                          You have the latest and that engine 5301 was only installed yesterday so would have caused that reboot.
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