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    Can't download - trouble access internet

      I have installed SecurityCenter on two PCs in my home, and now I am trying to install it on the third. I am getting the error "Internet Connection Unavailable - We can't download your McAfee software because we're having trouble accessing the internet." Etc. But I have an excellent connection.

      Right now, there is no firewall and I have disabled extra apps. I still have Avast, but I had this on the other 2 PCs until the point in the installation where McAfee does the scanning, with no problem. The first PC I installed it on was an old HP desktop, and the second was a new Acer laptop, similar to mine. With the second one, the Acer, I did get this message once, but when I hit Retry, it went on with no trouble the rest of the way. But on my Acer, it is stuck. I am now running way less on this laptop than what was running on the other Acer.

      I have no idea what could be interfering. I don't know where it's trying to go. None of the Vista security is running (and I left all that running on the other Acer Vista laptop). I know that others have had this issue, but no one gave them any useful answers.

      Let me know if you need to know more specifics about the PC. Thanks for your help.
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          did you previously use norton on this PC? aside from avast are there other security softwares?

          are you by any chance using a wireless router?

          steps that you may try:

          1. delete cookies and temporary internet files including offline content
          2. save dmsetup on your desktop and run it as administrator
          3. install mcafee in safemode with networking (if you're using hard wired connection)
          4. try running this
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            Thank you for your help. I did have Norton on at one time, but I ran the removal tool before I installed Avast. I ran it again, just in case. After it ran and I rebooted, I found that I had not uninstalled Comodo Firewall. This is something that I had uninstalled on the other 2 machines before I started the McAfee install. But apparently on mine, I had just exited, I hadn't uninstalled it. Dummy me. :rolleyes: After I uninstalled Comodo, it worked like a charm. Thanks again. grin
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              glad to hear that you're ok now...

              usually third party firewalls will create problems when installing mcafee... anyway the mcafee software that you are installing has it's own firewall so i guess that should be ample... however, you can always choose between the mcafee firewall and the comodo firewall... depends on your preference... anyway both firewall programs i guess are satisfactory in terms of functionality...