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    Evaluation licence expiry

      Our account manager gave us a licence to evaluate the software which has just expired mid testing

      can I remove and reinstall the same licence to gain another 30 days

      I have emailed our mcafee contacts but need a really fast solution if possible as we are coding and testing atm.
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          no, if it's expired, then you need to get a new licence, or blow everything away and start fresh.

          I'm always interested to know what you didnt get around to in 30 days? - I kind of thought that was long enough to decide whether to buy a product or not. You don't have to answer but how long is a fair evaluation period?
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            I think the amount of devices at 20 is probably fair for a test but rolling out a project like this with the work we're having to do with customising scripts etc. this is involving a few members of my team and as we support schools we try and get these kind of projects done during the summer when we are quieter with day to day stuff but we all take vacation so each of us has been off for a couple of weeks. even forgetting that I'd expect a three month trial duration at least would be more suitable.

            our account manager has replied and is getting us a new licence as we speak anyway.
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              so after doing all that work, and using the product for 3 months, you think there's still a chance you'd give up and go to another product?

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                no but we're buying initially 3000 licences, we don't want to be using weeks/months of their maintence period whilst we are still designing our solution and they aren't in production use.
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                  Simon, we renewed our 30 day license 3 times for a total of 90 days during evaluation and proof of concept in 2008 - and that doesn't include our first 30 day evaluation back in 2007 where we decided that we wanted to look at other products first.

                  We stuck with the 20 users/20 computers. After the first 30 days there was no way we knew if SafeBoot was right for our environment. For one, I don't think we had fully functional SSO until after the first 30 days was up. Most of our pilot users were still logging into two products and many of the passwords weren't in sync.

                  If we were restricted to 30 days and then the sales folks said time was up, we would have moved onto testing encryption product #5. Even if they came back and said it'd be a few weeks before they could get us back into the product we probably would have started looking at somethign else.

                  All that said, the problems I ran into helped me get a really good understanding of the product and how it functions under the covers. I was able to write posts like this one (#10) and also blog about McAfee Endpoint Encryption.

                  I wouldn't change the 30 days however, strictly from a sales and marking point of view anyway. While as a customer I would like it, I'm sure your force would prefer to keep in closer contact with the customers during the evaluation and be able to "offer" extended evaluations happy
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                    If you are confident that MEE is the right fit for you, why not just purchase a perm test environment license file? Say about 50 users and 50 machines on a perm license.

                    Should cost too much at all and you would never have to worry with this.

                    I will say this. I work in a very similar situation as your school scenario described in another post. You are going to need a test server to test upgrades to newer versions, test laptops, tablet PC, etc issues that arrise.

                    Basically it boils down to this. With a project this large in nature you are going to want a DEV environment.... a 50 user 50 machine license or even smaller if you want is going to give you a full functional DEV environment that will not expire.
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                      30 days is fine if you are only working on one project, and only looking at a couple of products. But that's not how things work most of the time, at least not in my company. Everyone on my team has multiple irons in the fire. When we are looking for a solution, I personally like to have several products running side-by-side to see how they compare.

                      You also can't forget that 30 days really isn't 30 days. 8 of those days are weekends, and if (and it's a BIG if) you can spend 5 hours a day working on it, that's only about 110 hours. Realistically a 60 or 90 day eval period would be much more beneficial.
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                        what about if license is expired? Does EEPC still working? I means is it still encrypted?
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                          it stops you creating any new machines or users. Everything you currently have will work fine though.