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    Total Protection 2009

      I purchased Total Protection 2009 from a retail outlet. I installed it on my laptop without a problem. When it got to the registeration screen and I clicked on log in (because I have an account with McAfee for a comcast McAfee subscription on my PC - same E-Mail address) I get a blank screen. I have been on live chat and telephone for 6 hours with tech support with no results. Does anyone have any ideas. I have tried a complete reinstall including running MCPR and many other things tech support had me try. All this has been to no avail. !!!!:mad:HELP!!!!!
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          Peter M
          I think you'll have to create a different account from your Comcast one as the two products are from different sources.
          The blank pages are often caused by IE8 beta being installed. Is that the case here?
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            I am running Vista Home Premium and IE7 version 7.0.5730.11

            Thank You for your quick reply
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              Peter M
              Can I please clarify that this blank page is McAfee.com and not with the interface on your machine? Also is Vista SP1?

              Try going to IE7 Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and clicking the Reset button. Apply then OK it and close, then reopen IE7. You will have to re-enable all add-ons via Tools/Manage Add-ons.
              Try again.

              By the way you can always call Customer Service to register over the phone. It's toll-free and the link is at the top of this page and second from the left.

              If it's a McAfee-bought product then it should be on a different account from your Comcast one. You may have to use a different email address.
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                The page I get is the McAfee log in page. If I right click the M in the task bar and then go to Product Setup I get a box that opens in the middle of my screen with a red M in the top left corner, under that it has McAfee Security Center. It then says about activation. After clicking next the box then changes to a box to log on or register, It dosen't matter which one I pick when I then click next the box then goes white with only the M in the top left corner. Yes it is Vista SP1.

                Again Thank You for your time on this I was about to give up and go buy a different Protection product even thou I like McAfee.
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                  Peter M
                  I'm off to bed shortly so I'll flag this for someone else to take over in my absence. Not sure why this is happening to be honest.

                  Try what I said in the meanwhile.
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                    I tried resetting IE7 but got the same results.

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                      Vinod R

                      Did this computer have any other security application on it earlier?
                      If yes how was it removed if you did remove it

                      Could you open the C: drive and see if there is a Sysprep foldr there.. if found could you rename it to something else?
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                        Previous I had Comcast version of McAfee virus protection. I removed this thru add delete in contro panel and then ran MCPR. No it does not have Sysprep folder.

                        Thank You

                        When I try to regester and click on next, in the top of the box I get a green line that starts to go across the top of the box fron left to right and then the box goes blank, the only thing remaining in the box is the M in the top left corner. The only way I can then close the box is with task manager.
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                          Vinod R

                          What is the make of the computer ( HP or Dell or Acer..etc?)

                          Please try this since you have VISTA

                          Click the Windows Button and type cmd.exe into the search bar.
                          Right-click cmd.exe in the search list, and select Run as Administrator by right clicking on it.
                          click countinue when prompted

                          Type the text below and press ENTER:

                          c:\program files\mcafee\msc\mcoemmgr.exe /regserver

                          Right-click the M icon in your taskbar and select Register or Register Now.
                          Follow the instructions.
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