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    Security suit had -died- and taken others with it...

      Hello, hopefully you all can help us with a -VERY- frustrating problem.
      But first the backstory.
      5 or 6 days ago, for no apparant reason, McAfee Security Suit _DIED_. I mean that, everything went out and the "Fix Problems" thing was worse than useless.
      Well, I did the sensible thing when confronted with an intractable problem, I used the ever helpful System Restore. It worked, McAfee Security Suit all came back.
      That is until last night... arg... and McAfee Suit _DIED_ again, this is also the recent auto-resubscribe new product offered by McAfee.
      Now I could complain for days how much the program -when it worked- slowed down this computer, but I won't.

      Well, since last night this seemed to be a endemic problem, I decided it was prudent to unistall McAfee and reinstall. Seems harmless, yes?
      I was wrong.
      Deleting was no problem, I then go to the online reloader McAfee offers, and tried to reinstall.
      First time the computer seized up, completely and totally only half way through. I left it thinking it might self correct, for 40 minutes, no such luck.
      Second time McAfee did in fact install... everything -EXCEPT- VirusScan. Then I tried to get it to install Virus scan, to no satisfaction.
      So I removed that instance of McAfee S-Suit.
      Third time, then charm eh?... Not so much. This time the program just made no progress at all to install, over an hour and a half the program wouldn't load.

      Well, at that point last evening, over 4 hours were wasted with no progress, so I stopped for the night.

      Now we come to today.
      I start up this computer this morning, and again go to the online downloader, because I have no disks, this was an online purchase.
      Well, I actually get the desktop DMSetup.exe icon, but this time when I click it I get the notice:
      "We're having trouble installing your McAfee software because JavaScript is not working correctly on this PC."
      Which is odd because Java seems to be working fine... but I gave the message the benefit of the doubt and though there -might- be an issue with JavaScript.
      So I go back to System Restore to see if that might fix the Java issue so I can get the bloody damned McAfee to finally work. But lo and behold, when I go to System Restore, all I get is a blank White Screen!

      I may not be much of a tech guy but I know that's not right...

      Okay now I'm worried, because it seems as though McAfee has caused a systemic flaw in this computer.
      So I even went the extra mile and reloaded all Java software, all brandnew right from SUN, and I -STILL- receive the aforementioned message.

      Now let's give a rundown now, of things I know, to see if we can't solve some of these issue, 'kay?
      1) This is a Dell Inspiron 6000 running Windows XP SP3
      2) Because of an electrical storm frying the previous harddrive, the company shop I use replaced the drive and reinstalled WXP-Pro. But that means the WXP-Media disk I have is useless.
      3) Because of all the viruses, trojans, backdoors McAfee never caught or able to clean (like Vundo), this machine also has running PC-Tools Spyware Doctor, but without the Virus Scan, though it is still a Marvelous program, from a company that offers Tremendous tech support.
      4) As I stated earlier, I have no new McAfee disks, as this program was a download buy.
      5) I now have no option of System Restore, an issue I'm blaming squarely on McAfee, as it popped out conspicuously at the same time as McAfee decided to go on the fritz.
      6) McAfee Security Suit is stating we have a JavaScript error, when no such error exists, as it's a new install and up to date.
      7) I currently have ZERO Virus/Email protection other than what SpyWare Doctor is offering, but it is showing no viruses or threats. I also have Windows Firewall up in lieu of McAfee.
      8) I've tried either fixing or reinstalling McAfee a dozen times now. With obviously no success.
      9) The only, and I mean -only- reason I'm not scrapping the McAfee altogether and going all with the products of PC-Tools, is because of the almost $80 that I paid for this program. I paid for it I want it to work right. But considering AVG, Norton, PC-Tools... McAfee leaves me less than impressed.
      10) In the recent past, McAfee during scans and updates would consume 100% of CPU power, just an FYI.
      11) I'd rather not have to do any line codes, or odd off the wall program download fixes.

      I do apologize for sounding... abrasive, in this post, but this is, as I'm sure you all understand, very frustrating for me.

      So, does anyone have any fix solutions?
      Thanks in advance.