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    installing SiteAdvisor Plus uninstalls Security Center!

      This was truly an amazing experience! In my attempt to solve a compatibility problem with the McAfee Outlook Toolbar and Skype I decided to yet again uninstall McAfee (as well as uninstall the Skype Outlook add-in).

      I jumped through all the necessary hoops and when I went to install the McAfee products instead of first installing the SiteAdvisor Plus and then installing the Security Center I did just the opposite.

      After I successfully installed Security Center 9.3.137 I went back and installed SiteAdvisor. Well, the installation process of SiteAdvisor _removed_ Security Center! Not only was the 'M' icon missing from my System Tray, McAfee Security Center was not listed in Vista \ Control Panel \ Programs and Features - Security Center was in fact _gone_!

      Is this a known issue with the installation of SiteAdvisor Plus? My subscription of SiteAdvisor Plus runs to the end of June this year and I'm tempted to ask for a refund.

      Would someone try and duplicate this for me? Uninstall _all_ McAfee products and then install Security Center _followed_ by SiteAdvisor Plus.

      A very frustrated customer!
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