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    System not protected

      I am currently running SC version 9.3 and am occassionally getting error messages saying that my PC is not protected. It then asks for me to verify my subscription by clicking a button which then fixes the problem. Is this normal for the new SecurityCentre? I could understand if it happened once but it has happened a few times now.
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          Please Clarify/follow the below steps.

          1. Check for system date & time, if wrong correct it.
          2. Have you made any recent changes to the computer(eg:system restore...).
          3. How did you install Mcafee products?(cd or mcafee website).
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            When you say "system date and time" do you mean Mcafee or the PC? I don't know how to check Mcafee's date and time.

            This began after I renewed my subscription a couple of months ago. It doesn't happen all the time - in fact it has only happened to me a couple of times whereas my wife encounters the problem more frequently.

            I renewed the subscription from the web page - this is our third update since purchasing the original disk.

            Thanks for your help on this.
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              I meant by System date and time.
              Please clarify.
              • Are you able to update the McAfee? Click on update button in left had panel of Security Center home page.
              • Did you have the subscription Expiration date in the security center home page?
              • Right click McAfee icon in the system tray and then click on product setup if you don’t have then click on verify subscription.
              • If everything is fine then you can also try to Run the MSCPRXFIX.exe.
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                I was able to view the expiration date on the security centre home page and right clicking the icon enabled me to verify my subscription. However, something I was unaware of, I cannot update. If I click on update in the security centre and then click on the button it brings up it gives me the message that the rotating arrow icon will appear in my system tray. I have seen it before but now it doesn't seem to work. Is this why it is telling me to verify my subscription? Is it coming up when an update is trying to come through?
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                  What is the subscription Expiration date in the security center home page?
                  Run the MSCPRXFIX.exe.
                  Try to Run the run the Update tool From the FAQ: Document ID: TS100511
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                    I tried both those options and it said that the Mcafee tool had searched and repaired any problems. However, still when I attempted to run an update it still did not have the rotating arrow in the system tray.

                    Again this morning I received this message

                    Clicking on Fix does not repair it - only clicking on the Verify your subscription now works
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                      Re update and verify will let the admin work through with you though sometimes a good idea to clean it off using the removal tool in my sig and reinstall. Ok of course I assume you are not running another virus scanner at the same time?
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                        1st try this

                        However, after the command prompt failed, I decided to find the file in question manually (to check that it was there), and whilst browsing I found C:\Program Files\McAfee\MSC\mcregist.exe. I double clicked on this and it opened some registration tool, which asked me if I wanted to re-send my registration information. I have done this, and it now works.

                        Well this is somewhat disconcerting but I don't appear to have that program at all - there is nothing between C:\Program Files\McAfee\MSC\mcprtcnt.dll and C:\Program Files\McAfee\MSC\mcres.dll
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                          I havent also but mine was a beta version sso not registered the same I thought it would have it. Was a nice try though will ask around
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