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    What does this error mean

      08/25/2009 11:57:28 AM error updating user "User.name" (0xdb000012) - "The group could not be found"

      I got this message on multiple users when I was synchronizing the AD using connector

      Please advise.
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          your connector is set to add people to a specific group, which no longer exists (some one deleted it).

          go to your connector and revise the group mappings.
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            All the groups created based on the User OU from AD automatically. How do I revise the connector ? Just run it again ? or do I need to do something else
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              maybe you have a group within another object class sharing the name?
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                I have confirmed that, nothing is changes on the AD side, its still the same as last week when I did the AD sync first time to populate the user database. However, one thing that I can tell is that our hot backup server is in wescost and when I was trying to run the directory back tool, it was failing, then one of our operations guy is still trying to copy to the hotback up using secure FTP.

                Could this some how corrupts the database ?
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                  I have verified all the groups are there in the console with the users in them. I dont understand why the AD connctor is giving this message.
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                    I had this (or similar) error when I renamed a User group in the MEE database. I had to rename the User group back in the DB and the error went away in the Connector.

                    To me it almost seemed as if once you use the Connector to put a user in a User Group it is tied somewhere internally by the User Group name. Change the name of the User Group (rename it) and the Connector has issues.

                    Not sure if that is your issue...
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                      Yes it was the issue, I rename the group in the DB and then when I ran the AD connector I was getting the error message. But you don't have to rename the group back to what it was, I just simple went to the AD connector Group Mapping settings and update the the option "Create a new group with configuration based on" by dropping down the menu and selecting the renamed group. So this means that you are rename the group in the database but you need to update the group mapping settings in the connector to get it working again.

                      Hope this helps.