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    McAfee Security Center Hijacked?

      I had purchased McAfee Total Protection last month (Nov, 2008). My computer runs Windows XP, is a DELL and relatively new (6 months). Everything had been working fine until very recently...I cannot successfully open the McAfee Security Center. The icon appears in my tray, but once I click on it a McAfee window opens but remains white in color with a black bar across the top with the McAfee icon, and the minimize and close buttons. I do not need task manager to close it. My Windows-based Security Center through the control panel reads that my virus protection is McAfee and is engaged. I had since performed an online scan of my computer using Kapersky, then checked for spyware using AdAware and Spybot, my routine adware removeres. I followed up with a disk clean-up and a defrag. Upon restart, everything is the same in that I cannot seem to access McAfee! I also restored the computer to a previous point before the problem revealed itself and that did not work either. Please help.