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    VirusScan Plus Blocks Internet Functionality

      I have the exact same problem noted above and am not able to get "chat" help, along with other sites not allowing access. I have VirusScan Plus (with Siteadvisor), with the following versions:
      SecurityCenter 9.0
      VirusScan 13.0
      Personal Firewall 10.0
      Site Advisor 2.8

      I am running IE 7.0 on a Vista Home Premium 32-bit system.

      I have tried many of the suggestions I've found on this site without success. I've uninstalled Spybot but that didn't help either. I don't have any other Spyware or Adware.

      Your suggestion above, regarding changes under "Web Browsing Protection" doesn't apply to me, because I do not have this option in my "Internet and Network" section. I only have "Firewall Protection is Enabled"

      Anything else I could try? My subscription is up next month and I am not sure if I want to re-subscribe.


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