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    Very slow PC startup

      Very slow PC startup.
      After booting, my Windows XP PC is very slow, and this for 5 and more minutes. I am running McAfee Security Center 9.0.286. With Procmon, I see a lot of activity on the file Datastore.edb which is related to Windows Update.
      Microsoft recommends excluding this file from the virusscan, because locking slows down everything. However, with this version 9.0, I cannot find any option to exclude Datastore.edb from the scan.
      Is there any solution or workaround for this ?
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          Peter M
          Sec. Center 9 shouldn't be causing any slowdowns at startup unless something is present that it doesn't like.

          Perhaps you have too many applications set to start with Windows?

          As it's the weekend you may wish to try Technical Support linked at top left of page or in my signature. They may have some suggestions.

          Something like Startup Delayer might help you: http://www.r2.com.au/software.php?page=2&show=startdelay
          • 2. Recommendations by Microsoft
            Article ID : 822158
            Last Review : October 30, 2006
            Revision : 9.5

            For computers that are running Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

            Do not scan the following files and folders. These files are not at risk of infection. If you scan these files, serious performance problems may occur because of file locking. Where a specific set of files is identified by name, exclude only those files instead of the whole folder. Sometimes, the whole folder must be excluded. Do not exclude any one of these based on the file name extension. For example, do not exclude all files that have a .dit extension. Microsoft has no control over other files that may use the same extensions as the following files.• Microsoft Windows Update or Automatic Update related files• The Windows Update or Automatic Update database file. This file is located in the following folder:
            Exclude the Datastore.edb file.
            • The transaction log files. These files are located in the following folder:
            Exclude the following files:• Edb*.log

            Note The wildcard character indicates that there may be several files.
            • Res1.log
            • Res2.log
            • Edb.chk
            • Tmp.edb

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              Peter M
              Well, as I said, it's impossible to get the home products to skip certain files and folders and not others. You may wish to try Technical Support as I suggested.

              What operating system and service pack is this?
              • 4. OS specifications
                OS specifications are Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP3.
                Meanwhile, I doubled the physical RAM from 512 to 1024 MB. This makes a significant performance increase at startup and when performing McAfee Update command. Response times are back to normal, the case can be closed, however, it would be nice if also McAfee home products would provide the exclude function.
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                  Peter M
                  I agree. It used to be the case about 3 versions back and still exists in the Corporate product. We've asked for it to be reinstated many times and have been ignored.
                  Good idea increasing the RAM, it is probably the easiest way to improve performance.

                  Good luck.