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    Can't register McAfee Total Protection 2009

      Hello guys,

      I've just purchased the McAfee Total Protection 2009 from Future Shop and during the installation I was waiting for that window asking to register the product, where I should have typed my account "coordinates" (e-mail address and password), but for some reason, that window didn't show up.

      I uninstalled the product, rebooted, and I tried again, but the same result!!
      Then I used the McAfee Virtual Technician but it couldn't find any problem!!
      Then I had a "chat session" with a McAfee technician for 1 hour, removing once again the product, cleaning the registers, rebooted etc., I reinstalled the product, but again, I wasn't able to register it (and to activate it)!!
      Finally, I contacted the call-centre, but they couldn't help me!!!

      I have to mention that the product is checking for updates every day.
      I also have to mention that I have Windows XP SP2.

      Could somebody give me some advice, please???