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    Security Center Versions?

      There wasn't a general place to ask this question, so I hope this category is OK. Where do you find the version in Security Center?

      On our website, for about a year, a small number of people (maybe 15-20) can't do certain things on our website. The only thing these people appear to have in common is McAfee Software. I'd like to ask for help, on the forums, but none of them can tell me what version they are running - they can't find it - so I don't know which category to post it questions in!

      It seems to be all older versions, but how old, I don't know. All but one of them were running a non-current version of Security Center; the "one" says she is running "McAfee Total Protection without a spam filter" and I don't know if Security Center is part of that or not.

      Can anyone help?


      Julie Siebel