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    two EES on one box?

      I want to create two EES to talk to one EEOD on one box because 1 needs to have an ip internal to our network and the other has a publicly facing one.

      I have created two dns entries pointing at our box


      and created these two EES on the server, they show up and can be selected when creating installation packages.

      If I start the EES as a service as mee.int.domain.org will it take requests from clients coming in on mee.ext.domain.org. I suspect not because of the encryption key for the communication?

      I have tried starting 2 services but this doesn't work even with each on a different port. They did seem to both run for a period in application mode.

      I'm thinking I will need to run the mee.ext.domain.org on a second server pointing to the \\eeod\dbdata$
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          you only need one EES to do this, as the service will listen on all addresses at the same time.

          Just create a "fake" connection on the admin side pointing to the other dns name, but using the same keys etc, and select this also when you create your install set. you can do this by editing sdmcfg.ini or by using the connection wizard exposed when you cancel an EEM login to see the token list.
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            brilliant, just what I was hoping for, I copied the key over in the .ini and it's working.