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    Windows Vista Security Center Issue

      I've been finding posts here and there on other sites pertaining to this but haven't seen anything on here and the solutions I've tried haven't worked. I just got this laptop with McAfee already installed on here with Windows Vista. Just yesterday the Windows Security Center started popping up with a message saying that I did not have any anti-virus software installed or running. I double checked with McAfee and it of course said that all was running just fine.

      Does anyone have any suggestion on how to get this annoying message to go away? I'm so frustrated with Vista that I want to go back down to XP. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
        • 1. hi
          pls try this..

          From the Taskbar, click Start.
          Type CMD in the search field.
          Right click on the result "command" and click on run as administrator.
          Type cd\ and press enter.
          Type net stop winmgmt
          And press enter.
          choose y.
          Type cd %windir%\system32\wbem
          And press enter.
          Type ren repository repository.old
          And press enter.
          Type net start winmgmt
          And press enter.
          Type exit and press enter.
          please restart your computer and check whether your issue is solved.

          if not, try uninstalling and reinstalling mcafee on your computer by running the mcafee removal tool. click here to download and run the removal tool. happy
          • 2. Seems to have worked
            I tried that cmd stuff and that didn't work, so I uninstalled McAfee and reinstalled it. This seems to have worked for now. I'm not sure why this happened but I've been seeing a lot of folks with the same problem. Thanks for your help! I'll be sure to revisit this forum if I have any other issues or problems. happy