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    Unable to Renew Expiration Date

      I currently have McAfee Security Center 9.0 and my expiration date is due to expire on 9/29. I purchased a new copy of the software and after countless times of uninstalling and reinstalling, the expiration date does not renew - it continues to say expiring on 9/29. I have tried the clean up tool MCPR.exe-- that is failing. The error is WINERR IPersistFile::Save() failed. Error: 0x8007007a.

      I have Windws XP SP3. I have cleaned up the registry, I have removed all the McAfee files and folders from the directory listing after the uninstall. I have verified the McAfee services are not running after the uninstall -- services.msc. I have checked msconfig and nothing is configured for startup.

      Any ideas on why I am not able to update my software? I am not asked to register the software at the end of the installation.
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          Peter M
          You say you've tried uninstalling/reinstalling but yet never got the MCPR tool to work?

          Save it to your desktop and then boot into safe mode and run it.

          Reboot and reinstall your products.

          The MCPR tool is linked in my signature. or you can get it here: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=107083&lc=1033&partner=10005&type= TS
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            Vinod R

            Two questions?

            I assume that you are trying to use a CD to install the new one..Am i correct?
            If so i am also assuming that you are trying to register the very same product suite under the same old email address.Is that correct?

            If both are correct you know the answer.
            try to register with different /new email address.;)
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              Unfortunately, I can't register with another email address -- becuase I'm not presented with the option to register. Every time I uninstall/install I do not get a screen asking me to register.

              Also, I tried running the cleanup program in safe mode -- that also failed.
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                There must be some type of license or configuration file on my pc that is telling McAfee that I have already registered. Does anyone have an ideas? Thanks
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                  Peter M
                  Go to your browser Tools/Internet Options and clear everything, cookies, temporary files, browsing history, form data etc.

                  Go to Start/Run and enter %temp% then click OK.

                  Delete as many as will go.

                  Do the same using temp without the %%.

                  Reboot and try again.
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                    Thanks everyone -- still no luck. Here's what I did this time --

                    ran the uninstall by McAfee
                    cleanup up IE -- removed everything cookies, history, etc. under Internet Options
                    deleted temp files -- using %temp% and temp under Start, Run
                    verified no services are listed under services.msc
                    installed the software from the cd
                    no option is provided for registering the software
                    still showing the 9/30 expiration date

                    The only thing I didn't do this time was clean up the registry -- which I've done before with no luck.

                    Is it possible there's something on the McAfee side (instead of my computer) that is causing this? I've had the previous versions of McAfee installed and registered for the past couple years. Could there be a problem with the way my account is set up in the McAfee system?
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                      Peter M
                      If you ever registered the software there is an online account. Have you tried uninstalling and then going to http://us.mcafee.com/root/downloads.asp
                      to download instead of using the CD?
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                        I just tried to log in using the username and password I have always used and it would not let me. I needed to register again with my email address -- It now says that I do not have any products. This is just bizarre. I have been getting emails and subscription downloads -- now I don't have an account and no products are registered to me. I'm totally confused. I have not changed email addresses for several years. I do not want to purchase another product on-line -- I purchased the cd version.
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                          Peter M
                          You have two avenues of approach at this stage. Technical Support, the link in my signature takes you straight there to the Chat line and you can ask them why the date never changes and ask if they can assist you in getting the products installed correctly.

                          You could also call Customer Service regarding your online account at 1-866-897-9325 press 4 then 0 between 8am and 8pm Central Time.
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