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    What about ARTEMIS ?

      First time I read about it was on av-comparatives.

      Very recently I've been reading about Artemis elsewhere on the net.

      Supposedly, in the final, non-beta consumer release, Artemis would be part of the new 2009 McAfee products, but it would not be explicitely visible, not part of the user interface. 'Artemis' would not be used as a name.

      So, what's going on ?

      Will there be an opt-in or opt-out, and where can we locate it/what does it look like :confused:

      I want to make certain that I won't participate in Artemis, certainly not without my explicit permission. Currently there is no way to opt-out of McAfee's collecting of security related data (and commercial data gathering, shared with Doubleclick).

      Can we get some clarification here ?