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    Autodomain renamed PC...

      What happened:
      Installed EEPC manually on 2 PC's, it created new OU based group name for it, for the first one. The second computer that we installed EEPC on overwrote the first PC object.

      In the description of the remaining object in EEM it says "This machine renamed from "Test1PC" to "Test2PC" by the AutoDomain script. This happened on 8/21/2009 at 8:58.

      The current problems from this are:
      Test2PC does not have any of the user names associated that it should. Recovery does not work for this PC. It allows entering the 4 lines, but then states encryption error 0xE00500F
      Test1PC is still working, but there is no longer any reference to it in EEM, it's like the machines are sharing this object?

      Can this be fixed and what caused it in the first place? Can EEPC be rerun on the PC's? At this point I don't really want to complicate the issue anymore.

      One other strange thing I noticed is that under deleted items, there is 2 Test2PC's. Can't recover either with it stating there is not enough licenses although we are well under license count.