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    Virus scan not working

      For a little over a month now I have not been able to use my virus scan. It is just turned off I have tried Reinstalling mcafee Ive tried Everything it just wont work. I have service for 2 more years. I try to fix and it says the settings cannot be fixed because of an error. I tried by using the fix button and in the configuration tab.
      I also tried the tech support bot that fixes files or what not and it did not work either.
      Can anyone help me with getting it to run again?
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          Bump I just Uninstalled McAfee Security again now I am running Maleware bytes to check for any virus that may have blocked access to McAfee program.
          If anyone has any other suggestions to get McAfee up and running again please comment.
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            When you tried uninstalling/reinstalling did you use the removal tool and reboot before reinstalling? (Linked in my signature).

            VirusScan can be defeated by infections so Malwarebytes free would be good to try, as would the free version of this tool: Superantispyware. Also rival software and especially certain registry cleaners can cause a problems.
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              I got advice from a friend he told me to do the same thing Use malwarebytes. I just uninstalled McAfee by going into add/remove programs. I then ran malwarebytes found like 16 malicious and then deleated them. I re-ran Malwarebytes and it came up clean. So I just re installed and the same thing happened that was Virus scan:Failed install and Parental Controls :Failed install.

              Then I ran McAfee Virtual Technitian and it gave me a Diagnosis this time sort of. Here is what it says.

              Results:AntiSpam McAfee Security Center 10.15.106

              Problem:Missing 6 Files.
              Problem: Missing/Corrupt COM compnents(1)
              Problem:Service(s)not running(1)
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                What was the session ID # ? I'll get someone at McAfee to look at it.
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                  I think this next step I am doing will work. I found the install CD that came with my pc and I put it in now it is scanning for viruses before installation so I am thinking that this will get rid of the virus that is stopping the virus scanner from working. Hopefully anyhow. I will post if this fixed the problem.
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                    OK good luck then. There is always Technical Support Chat linked at top left of this page.
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                      well I reinstalled using the cd and nothing installed and so I tried reinstalling using the website installer from my account and nothing is installing. I duno I guess I am calling tech support. Thanks for the help
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                        Good luck.