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    Virus Scan Plus 2009 installed with 3 user Internet Security soon to expire.

      I have alaptop with 3 user Internet security on it due to expire on the 26th Oct 09. I have then bought a cd with VirusScan plus 09 and installed it prior to the 3 User expiring.

      My Security Centre still shows my subscription expiry on the 26th Oct 09 for the 3 User but no info on the new Virus Scan Plus. I can however see it on my Account page with both products listed.

      what will happen after the 26th?....will the 3 User stop working and the VirusScan will still be in place to protect my laptop with regular updates.? Will I see new info on the Security Centre about my VirusScan product or will it just show that my 3 User subscription has expired? If so, how do I fix this? and is my VirusScan subscription still be valid? I have registered and activated the new VirusScan as required with MCAfee when installed and is valid till 17/10/2010 as shown on My Account page.