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    MEE 5.1.9 - Keyboard issues at OS bootup

      Since upgrading to 5.1.9 I have found the keyboard is disabled right after PBA logon so if there is any input required between the PBA logon and Vista logon screen I am unable to select anything.

      This is impacting the Hibernation boot loader menu, Advanced Boot options (I cannot select Safe Mode) and the Windows Error recovery screen where you are prompted to "Start Windows Normally" or go into SafeMode I cannot press enter which means we have to wait for the seconds to count down before the OS automatically loads.

      We had not seen this error on 5.1.7 and we have not changed any other configurations. I have tried toggling the "Always enable pre-boot USB Support but with no success and also tried plugging in an external USB keyboard but that does not fix the issue either.

      Has anybody seen/resolved this issue?

      P.s. we are using Lenovo laptops.