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    Generic.dx!fjz - false positive with Guitar Pro

      This is really aimed at McAfee themselves, not other users, but I cannot figure out a way of sending them a message without paying for support or going through the rigmarole of the virtual assistant. May also be of use to users, however.

      I have had a false positive on this on two machines, in the installer for Guitar Pro. The following is the communication with Arobas (writers of Guitar Pro):

      My virus checker (McAfee) has just reported a trojan in gp5online.exe in the program install folder. It is called Generic.dx!fjz. I tried to reinstall the application, and it immediately detected it again during the install process. This makes me think there is a virus in your installer - GP5FULL.exe. Is this true?


      There is no virus in the installer file, but we've received several reports of MacAfee warnings. This appears to be a mistaken detection on the part of the antivirus. We are bug free, you can go ahead and install.

      We remain at your disposal for any additional information you may require.

      Musically Yours,
      Romain, Customers' Department
      Guitar Pro.