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    My "good' files being detected at a Trojan

      Due to my relatively low age, my standard of English isn't really that good, so I'll try my best to convey my message to you.

      Yes, I have read the thread regarding the same problem of "Good" files being detected as a trojan and then quarantined. My Launcher for a game(CabalSea) and Adobe Photoshop were quarantined. Each time I recover it, it will be quarantined again once I open or launch it, rendering it unusable.

      I have read the solutions, but I don't quite understand it. What I did was I clicked the files that were quarantined and sent it to McAfee. I was wondering if that will fix my problem, or need I go through a more complicated step?

      Please help me fix my problem. I just bought this Anti-Virus today and encountered this problem. I don't want to regret buying this product :(

      All help is appreciated. Thanks.